Chris Packham and the BBC Science team return to halo once more with Earth, a spectacular new landmark series that tells the astonishing four-billion-year story of the place we call home. Over five episodes, the series will set out a biography of our planet, revealing the most epic moments from the Earth’s history, from the first seconds of its existence to the arrival of its most incredible inhabitants: us.

Halo provided full picture and sound post production.

Rob Liddell, Executive Producer BBC Studios Science said… “Retelling 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history was an epic task and led to a series of epic scale. 5 episodes with numerous different versions and over 97 minutes of full action CGI meant that there were very few places with the experience to take on projects like this. Halo was top of the list and provided amazing support from managing the inevitable schedule shifts to the brilliant creative input to the finishing of the series.

Line Producer: Raewyn Dickson

Colourist: Katherine Jamieson said… “The epic story of Earth takes us through its transformation from a ball of molten rock to the thriving ecosystem it is today. It’s not a smooth journey but a rollercoaster ride over billions of years that, in the case of the first episode, explores one of the darkest periods in Earth’s history with the worst mass extinction the planet has seen. (90% of all species died!). The grade was used to help emphasise these periods of death, destruction, life and growth. We had to work the fabulous VFX (from Moonraker) in with Chris Packham’s pieces to camera creating the right tone across each show and each chapter in the planet’s volatile history.

Online Editor: Adam Hall
Sound Design and Editing: Jay Price, Tom Foster, Adam Johnson and Maggy Apodaca
Dubbing Mixer: Gerrit Swanepoel and Joe Cochrane
Post Producer: Karen Kavanagh / Jnr Producer Oscar Hayhow-Khan
Sales Exec: Matt Locke

Earth starts on Monday 17th July 2023 on BBC Two and is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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