Remote Services

Halo has curated an array of tools that facilitate end-to-end post production away from our central London facility. This allows us to successfully deliver productions to the highest standard across all genres – and in spite of lockdown. We can offer a customised workflow that provides you with complete freedom, however you wish to work.


Whether it is some of the production team collaborating remotely whilst others are based in a facility environment or a need for remote access for reviews and evaluation. Whatever your specific production requirements, we can offer tailored solutions to meet your needs…

Remote Data Management

 To combat the limitations of lockdown halo has developed & implemented a number of innovative data management tools to help you deliver, organise and process your assets, ready for the edit, wherever you may be. These include:

HaloVision Asset Management

This is essentially a tool that allows you to collaboratively manage your rushes, archive, sound assets etc. – literally any material that is relevant to the project. Because it is browser based and securely password protected, it can be accessed by anyone with an account, anytime, anywhere. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Share the project with as many users as you like
  • Organise your data in any way you like
  • The flexible, scalable and affordable subscription-based model means you only pay for what you use
  • View all material, whatever the codec or file size, using HaloVision’s proxy generator
  • Log rushes and tag them with keywords so users can easily search for relevant clips
  • Create FOR INGEST folders for halo’s tech team to quickly ingest into the Avid project

Unlike cloud-based management solutions, HaloVision exists as part of halo’s nearline storage infrastructure so once any media has been added to the project workspace, it will remain there throughout the entire post process until the project is complete. There is no need to move it anywhere else.

Getting Data to Halo

Halo’s central London hub remains open during this difficult time, so you are welcome to make a non-contact drop off of rushes (or any other media) to us, on a transport drive, at our facility. If you prefer, we offer a remote delivery service via Signiant Media Shuttle which allows you to upload your assets for ingesting using a secure, fast data connection. We can also deliver assets back to you in the same way.

Self Service Automated Ingest

In addition to our Avid Technicians, who are on hand 24/7, we are also able to provide self service ingest through HaloVision. Using simple ‘watch folders’, you can drag and drop clips you want to make available to the edit – and they will be automatically ingested and added to your project.


Editorial Solutions

In addition to our onsite Offline suites which remain fully open and serviced by both our runner and tech teams, we also offer a collaborative, remote offline edit suite service.

Remote Editing

Using HP RGS remote desktop software, your editors can securely log in to an Avid Qualified Workstation connected to halo’s technical infrastructure. This allows all the benefits of working in a suite at halo such as shared workspaces for collaborative working with other editors and secure project folders. Full technical and engineering support is on hand as is Avid edit support for additional syncing, ingest, exports etc. In other words, it’s a remote version of all the services you would expect from working within a post facility.

Hardware Rental & Home Delivery

If the editor does not have the kit at home, halo can supply an editing hardware package that includes a PC with RGS software installed, monitors, mouse and keyboard. This can be delivered to the editor’s place of work and installed if required.

Separate Reference Monitor Output

On top of the standard RGS remote edit solution, we can provide the option of a separate reference monitor using NDI technology. This technology allows you to stream a full screen reference output of your edit to an unlimited number of recipients, accessible via any desktop PC mac or iOS device, including Apple TV and iPads.

Collaborate via Screen Share

Bringing your editor and edit producer together, RGS offers Collaboration Mode; a screen share option for both parties to view the project output together for collaborative working from different locations.

Home and away

Because the project and all its media assets are housed at halo HQ, we can offer complete flexibility to work on the same project both at halo or from another location at any time. If you need to have a viewing in a socially distanced environment for instance, you can come into halo just for the day. It also allows some editors to work locally and others to work remotely out of the same project at the same time.


Halo remote users have full access to halo’s technical and engineering support not only for the usual stuff such as playouts, syncing, EDLs, and general technical help, but also for any issues they may have using the remote tools, setup and connectivity. We are on hand to quickly deal with any issues and because we have full access to your project we can quickly login, diagnose and solve problems in real-time so you can get back to work.


Finishing Post Remote Review & Collaboration

Halo offers a number of solutions for remote reviewing of finishing post sessions – including grades, onlines and sound mixes.

ClearView Flex

Allows a collaborator (such as director or producer) to receive a high-quality video/audio stream from the output of a grade or online session, or even a sound edit or final mix. Remote workflow and professionally calibrated client review options.

StreamBox Chroma 4K

Is a high-quality solution enabling real-time remote colour grading, by streaming colour accurate pixels from our grade suites to any other StreamBox devices.

Source Connect Live

Can also be used to remotely receive an output of a sound session, such as a sound spot. For your remote Review & Approval sessions.

Source Connect ProX

Allows 5.1 / 7.1 streaming to a remote studio. Great for critical listening and approval of surround mixes with picture lock and direct real-time feedback from the remote participants.

VoIP Video Conferencing

For collaborators to securely communicate from remote locations.


Remote ADR and Voice Over solutions

Halo’s remote ADR and Voice Over services offer a means for us to remotely record performers within the safety of their own homes. The service entails pre-session discussions about the workflow, the best recording location and general set-up arrangements.

A sanitised equipment bundle will be sent to their home using an approved Covid-safe delivery service. The setup is relatively simple and real-time assistance will be available throughout. For ADR recordings, others (such ADR supervisor, director etc) can connect via a secure, high-quality live stream and communicate with the artist and ADR mixer in real-time using video conferencing applications.

It’s not a direct substitute for traditional studio-based recording but offers an effective solution for those unable to travel into our studios. Please ask our Sales team for further details.


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