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Fifteen Love

Drama series Fifteen-Love is an enthralling exploration of the dangerous lines where personal and professional relationships collide, set amid the glamorous cut-and-thrust world of elite tennis. The story examines themes of power, sex, and ambition, within an international sporting industry worth over $2 billion.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Colourist: Duncan Russell said… “For Fifteen Love we had two DoP’s, two directors and one exec producer who all had their say in the look. It needed to be glossy, handsome and easy on the eye. That’s a lot of voices, but everyone was professional and collaborative and we ended up with something really cool. We needed to bring a mainstream audience with us and this was always our first priority, but also take sneaky opportunities to get some looks in there as well. That is where the flashback parts of the show came in.

Flashbacks are always tricky as it’s easy to overplay your hand. The job of the grade was not necessarily to point out what was on screen ‘was in the past’, but more importantly that it was a memory. The story is about the power of the past to disrupt the present, of how trauma haunts us. It’s also about lost innocence so that was a big thing in terms of colour choice. The flashbacks had a wrongness about them, maybe the blues all gathered in the cyans a bit too much, maybe it was all a bit suspiciously bright and heightened, maybe the reds are deeper and darker, more bloody. The idea was that there was always something a bit ‘off’ that would feed our theme of ‘the questionable nature of memory’. It was a great thing to be part of the storytelling.

Exec Producer: Jake Rushington / Hania Elkington
Producer: Natasha Romaniuk
Director: Eva Riley / Toby Macdonald
PPS: Nicola Houghton
Colourist: Duncan Russell
Online Editor: Tom Young / Ben McIlveen
Dubbing Mixer: Simon Hill
Post Producer: Karen Kavenagh / Oscar Hayhow-Khan

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