Gaia: A Death On Dancing Ledge


Gaia: A Death On Dancing Ledge

Zara McDermott investigates a mysterious death from 2017, in which a 19-year-old from Dorset ran away from home in a state of distress. Her body would later be found in the undergrowth by a massive search operation, having died of hypothermia. The first episode examines the early clues that were discovered and the suspicion that fell on a childhood friend and his grandmother, before they were released without charge.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Exec Producer and Summer Films MD, Sam Whittaker says, “When the going gets tough, halo get going. Up against TX with legal changes coming in by the hour, halo gave us a backstop we couldn’t have managed without. The can-do attitude, keeping calm under intense pressure and still keeping the technical standards to the very highest quality is a service I have come to rely on and factor into the delivery promises we make to our broadcasters.

Exec Producers: Lucy Hillman / Sam Whittaker
Colourist: Duncan Russell
Online Editor: Ronnie Newman
Dubbing Mixer: Simon Hill
Post Producer: Abby Carter
Sales Exec: Will Garbutt

Gaia: A Death On Dancing Ledge, is available on iplayer from 25th July

Watch the trailer here

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