Babes in the Wood

Atticus Pictures / ITV

Babes in the Wood

Sir Trevor McDonald presents the story of how justice finally caught up with double murderer Russell Bishop, 32 years after his harrowing crimes.
Using first hand testimonies from relatives and police footage, the documentary takes us back to 1986, the day the investigation began with Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows being reported missing, to the discovery of their bodies and the arrest and failed first prosecution of suspect Russell Bishop. It highlights police frustration from how administrative blunders by the prosecution had let a child killer go free, to forensic advances and a one-in-a-billion DNA match linking Bishop to the murders several years later, resulting in a retrial and subsequent sentencing.

Halo provided full Sound Post production and delivery

Executive Producer: John Hay says…

“I was incredibly impressed with Gerrit. He made really intelligent and creative decisions which made the show come alive. We normally have large crews working on sound on features like this but what he did alone is quite incredible. We will definitely be back!.”

Production Company: Atticus Pictures
Exec Producer: John Hay

Director: David Ward
Halo Post Exec: Will Garbutt
Dubbing Mixer: Gerrit Swanepoel
Post Producer: Jon Osbourne

TX DATE: 28th March 9pm on ITV

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