Australia: Earth's Magical Kingdom


Australia: Earth’s Magical Kingdom

This vibrant three part documentary explores the unique animal kingdom that is rooted in the vast, diverse landscape of Australia. Oxford Scientific Films transports us from the highest mountain peaks to the deepest depths of the southern seas as we delve into the unusual creatures found along the way.

halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Dubbing Mixer: John Rogerson says… says…

“This was a particularly tricky show sound-wise – primarily because it arrived from the cutting room with no useable location sound. This meant I had to build the soundscape from the ground up, sourcing all the specific creature sounds and localising birdsong to make sure that each location was 100% geographically correct. Each move had to be recorded in Foley to give the show a strong sense of urgency and reality whilst putting the viewer at the heart of the action. There were lots of of opportunities of impressionistic and expressionistic sound design – elements that added drama and impact to the on-screen action. Fraser Purdie provided the icing on the cake with his beautiful score. We ended up with a rich, detailed soundscape to go with the beautiful shots of the magical land of Oz. It was a joy to work with the production team with in Australian and UK – both of whom engaged fully in the sound and feel of the films..”

Prod Company: Oxford Scientific Films
Exec Producers: Caroline Hawkins, Clare Birks
Halo Post Exec: Will Garbutt
Colourist: Ross Baker
Online Editor: Scott Hinchcliffe, Adam Hall, Nick Arthur
Dubbing Mixer: John Rogerson
Post Producer: Grace Saunders


TX: 15th March at 9pm on BBC2

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