Yianni Supercar Customiser S2


Yianni Supercar Customiser S2

Want your ride to stand out from the crowd? You need a makeover from a supercar customiser! Meet Yianni Charalambous, cosmetic motor-surgeon to the rich and famous.

Barcroft TV return to halo for season 2 of this fast paced turbo makeover show for UK TV. Follow Yianni and his team of experts as they perform some jaw-dropping modifications for the likes of David Haye and Lethal Bizzle. There’s also time for a bit of racing fun outside the workshop too..

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Grade, Online, Sound Design and Mix.

Online Editor and Colourist: Adam Hall says…

”Barcroft were looking for a Grade and Online to match the fast paced feel of the show. Using the Avid Symphony option gave me access to a wide range of tools to get to where they wanted it. Grading using the Baselight Plugin gave a lot of control with the colours, which helped me make the cars really pop and also creating a sunny day feel throughout.

With a show like Yianni: Supercar Customiser, the Cars are the stars. From a Grading standpoint my aim was to make the Cars stand out by injecting saturation and contrast into them enhancing their natural look. The show is shot almost entirely with natural light and no lighting rigs so bringing all parts together stylistically was key to creating a bright and colourful palette. From an Online standpoint the Avid with Symphony option allowed me to create effects that added to the fast paced nature of the show.”

Director: Michael Wood
Exec Producer: Peter Wyles
Online Editor: Adam Hall
Dubbing Mixer: Gerrit Swanepoel
Post Producer: Jon Osborne

Whole series now streaming on:


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