Art's Wildest Movement: Mannerism

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Art’s Wildest Movement: Mannerism

Art historian Waldemar Januszczak explores the style of 16th-century European art in which the human imagination was allowed to run wild and be exciting.

Halo provided Picture Finishing Post Production.

Director: Waldemar Januszczak said… “Art is tricky stuff to film. Issues of colour, lighting, scale and balance became super-critical. One wrong blue, a fraction out, and you are misrepresenting a global masterpiece! So when you make ambitious art films you need to go to the right production house. And that’s Halo.

Halo’s colourists are the best in the business. For our Mannerism series we made huge demands on the team as we tried to do justice to some of the greatest art and architecture ever produced.The balance that was called for between sensitivity and invention was extremely fine. Others would have corpsed. Halo didn’t.

Of course, the completion of any film can never be friction-free. Somewhere along the line some monster or other will always rear its head and make something difficult. The question is: how will the production house deal with it? At Halo the answer is: maturely, efficiently, impressively. I’ve used them dozens of times. They’ve never let me down.
Also – and this is a personal consideration – they manage to make me look surprisingly handsome in my films. Go to Halo. They turn sow’s ears into silk purses.

Colourist: Katherine Jamieson
Online Editor: Eduard Fadgyas
Post Producer: Monika Lupeikaite
Sales Exec: Matt Locke

Art’s Wildest Movement: Mannerism airs on Sky Arts at 8:00 PM, Tuesday 30th January.

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