Alexander: The Making Of A God


Alexander: The Making Of A God

Alexander: The Making of a God is a six part docu-drama series revealing the extraordinary life of Alexander the Great through his radical transformation from warrior prince to living god. The series follows his rise as an exiled young man into his obsession with defeating the mighty Persian Emperor Darius that led him to conquer the known world in just under six years. Alexander the Great’s fascinating story is told through stunning drama sequences intertwined with expert academic insight, ground-breaking archaeology and ongoing excavations at the archaeological site in Alexandria, Egypt led by Calliope Limneos-Papakosta.

Halo provided full DOLBY VISION Picture and ATMOS Sound Post Production.

Executive Producer and founder of Tailfeather, Lucy Van Beek says, “Thank you Halo, Will and all the team who did such a brilliant job on Alexander. It was a joy to work with you all. The care, craft and creativity of the team from grading, sound design to the online was really wonderful and all the back room support was exceptional. Looking forward to the next one…

Showrunner Tony Mitchell Said… “We had the pleasure and foresight to entrust Halo Post with our new, epic, Netflix series Alexander: The Making of a God. From conception to delivery Halo were heavily involved in helping us navigate the challenges of making this series unforgettable.

They managed all our post requirements from wrangling our 4K data, to providing both remote and in-house offline editing (during Covid), through to creating breathtaking sound effects, skillfully mixing the incredible 7:2 soundscape, to masterfully painting our material in the grade and finally pulling it all together in the online edit which, like everything else Halo oversaw, was managed with an enormous amount of finesse and creativity.

I am hugely grateful to the immensely talented team at Halo for their enthusiasm and expertise – they embraced our series wholeheartedly and everyone went the extra mile to bring our big screen Alexander story to the small screen.”

Exec Producer: Lucy Van Beek
Showrunner: Tony ‘Mitch’ Mitchell
Colourist: Katherine Jamieson
Online Editor: Tom Young
Sound team: Jay Price / Gerrit Swanepoel
Post Producer: Stephen Morrison
Sales Exec: Will Garbutt

‘Alexander: The Making Of A God’ is available to stream on NETFLIX from 31st Jan 2024

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