Wild Tokyo

Oxford Scientific Films for NHK / ITV Studios

Wild Tokyo

It may be the largest, busiest, and most densely populated metropolitan area in the world, but Tokyo’s 38 million residents share their home, often unknowingly, with a surprising array of wildlife. This extraordinary film, fully posted by halo and gorgeously shot in 4K by leading natural history cinematographers, visits a wide range of habitats to explore where animal life is thriving. Capturing an unseen side of Tokyo, we find everything from hunting goshawks and thieving monkeys to tiny spiders and giant, 25-feet whale sharks.

Halo provided full picture and sound post production

Senior Colourist: Ross Baker says, “When you think of Tokyo in HDR it’s easy to jump to thoughts of neon lights and spectacular urban cityscapes, but there is so much more to Tokyo in the shape of its wildlife. Animals such as the Jewelled Beetle with all its richly metallic, vibrant colours that just pop in HDR. Wild Tokyo uncovers a unique combination of bright and colourful wildlife such as those that only appear in the shadows of the night, like the Tanuki. This little creature was the big challenge of the series as they only appear in areas that are difficult to film in. Using the unique DVO tools of the Nucoda and the extra dynamic range that HDR allows, we had the ability to really focus on the detail of this little gem and bring it to the screen. The need to use various capture methods and unifying them across the film was key to bringing the wildlife of Tokyo to life in HDR.”

Exec Producer: Caroline Hawkins

Director: Steve Gooder

Editor: Dom Lester

Colourist: Ross baker

Online Editor: Scott Hinchcliffe

Dubbing Mixer: John Rogerson

Post Producer: Charlotte Hawkins

Sales Exec: Will Garbutt

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