Professor Brian Cox and the BBC Science team return to halo once more with Universe, a groundbreaking new series.
Across five episodes, Professor Brian Cox roams the vastness of space and time uncovering exquisite moments of sheer drama that changed the Universe forever. Watch the birth of a star in a stellar nursery, experience the power of a supermassive black hole as it consumes an entire planet, and witness the chaos created as another galaxy collides with our own Milky Way.
Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Senior Colourist, Katherine Jamieson says,
Universe was such a joy to work on. Though in essence it is a science documentary we approached it like a drama throughout the grading process. The colour, tone and feel was very considered and we treated each story accordingly. I love how colour and light can tell a story and we used the grade to help tie the narrative and blend the VFX with Brian’s pieces to camera. I wanted it to feel like he was there on that alien world, or on the cusp of a black hole. The grade was designed (along with the amazing music) to give it an emotional dimension and help take us on this epic adventure through the universe. I’m so excited for everyone to see it.”

Gideon Bradshaw, Executive Producer, BBC Studios Science says, “The story of the Universe is a vast one and hugely exciting for the BBC Studios team working with the VFX team at Lola to be able to present what we hope is a fresh take on the history of the cosmos. But we simply couldn’t have done it without the support and artistry of the Halo team. From setting up remote offlines, through to grade, sound design, mix and online they were with us all the way helping the film-makers realise this epic adventure in time and space.

Exec Producer: Gideon Bradshaw
Colourist: Katherine Jamieson
Online Editor: Adam Hall
Sound designer: Tom Foster
Dubbing Mixer: Gerrit Swanepoel
Post Producer: Karen Kavenagh

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