Tell Me Everything


Tell Me Everything

Tell Me Everything by Noho Film and Television is a drama about growing up in smalltown Britain in the 2020s.
It’s about those teenage years when the world is opening up to you in all its messy, drunken, dangerous, brilliant glory.
That brief window when you might not yet be a fully paid-up adult, but you’re definitely not a kid any more.
You don’t really know who or what you are – but pretty much anything seems possible.

Halo provided full Picture Post Production.

Producer, Scott James Bassett said, “Halo pulled out all of the stops to make our challenging post production schedule work. Every member of the Halo team from reception through to management went out of their way to be helpful and we felt very well looked after. We were especially impressed with colourist Katherine Jamieson who was a great collaborator across the series and really helped us to get the best out of our images – a real talent.

Colourist, Katherine Jamieson said “Tell Me Everything is a six part drama exploring the stresses of mental health for teenagers in the 2020s. Dealing with social media, identity, sexuality, drugs and everything in between. The whole cast, of relatively new talent, are eye wateringly good and I expect to see much more of them on our screens soon.

It was such a privilege to work with fantastic directors Richard Senior and Marley Morrison and incredibly closely with the fabulous cinematographers Adal Nodeh-Farahani and Korsshan Schlauer. Each block was such a collaborative experience, I thoroughly enjoyed grading the whole series.

It seems so long ago when we started it and I can’t wait for everyone to see it, I’m so proud of how it looks. It’s not your normal ITV drama grade, by design we wanted to go darker when needed and explore more adventurous stylistic tones. It’s a beautiful story of friendship and though set in modern day has a timeless quality about it, portraying that awkward limbo between kid and adulthood perfectly!.

Director: Richard Senior & Marley Morrison
Colourist: Katherine Jamieson
Online Editor: Ben Mcilveen
Post Producer: Karen Kavanagh

Tell Me Everything will be on itvx from Dec 8th

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