Blood Sex & Royalty


Blood Sex & Royalty

Blood Sex & Royalty by Nutopia, a new Netflix drama-doc series that explores Anne Boleyn’s remarkable story from her own perspective in a modern and contemporary way. Rooted in historical fact, this series reveals the sexy, action-packed, high-stakes story of an extraordinary woman who rewrote the rules in every sense.

Halo provided Finishing Picture Post Production.

Colourist, Paul Koren said, “Blood Sex & Royalty is a bright, sexy and visually different approach to Tudor times than an audience is used to experiencing. The series chronicles the importance and tragic contribution Anne Boleyn has had on British history. The client’s brief was to not look like other British historical documentaries, dark, cold and lacking in saturation. Nutopia wanted the show to appeal to a younger, more Skins/Bridgerton type crowd with images that are full of life and beautifully saturated. Special attention was paid to the Anne Boleyn’s costumes to have them as strong primary colours to help Anne stand out from the beautiful surroundings and craft nice painterly skin tones. The show was shot in Romania in the winter but at times needed to resemble British Summer in full bloom so on exteriors a lot of time was spent bringing the winterly environment to life”

Colourist: Paul Koren
Online Editor: Ben Mcilveen, Lem Lawrence & Tom Young
Post Producer: Jon Osborne
Halo Sales Exec: Matt Locke

Blood Sex & Royalty will be on Netflix from November 23rd

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