Liam Gallagher: As It Was

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Liam Gallagher: As It Was

Liam Gallagher As It Was tells an honest and emotional story of how one of the most electrifying rock’n’roll frontmen went from the dizzying heights of his champagne supernova years in Oasis to living on the edge, ostracised and lost in the musical wilderness of booze, notoriety and bitter legal battles. Starting again alone, stripped bare and with nowhere to hide, Liam risks everything to make the greatest comeback of all time.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Grade, Online, Sound Design and Mix.

Director: Gav Fitzgerald says…

The folks at Halo go the extra mile for you. The facilities are fantastic and, as our documentary reached the online stage, the rooms just kept getting bigger and better! More importantly though, it was how patient and professional all the halo technicians and producers were and how much they wanted our documentary to stick out. I was thrilled with their work and would consider myself very lucky to make another film there.“

Colourist: Katherine Jamieson says…

“This was such an awesome project to grade and the team involved were a joy to work with. As always with archive heavy documentary’s there was a wide variety of footage over the years in every different location and format you could imagine and it was my job in the grade to bring it all together. Myself and Gavin the director wanted a contrast between natural tones and the epic performances and general aura you get from someone like Liam Gallagher. As It Was is as honest and emotional as you will ever see the famous front man and I think the grade had to be sympathetic to that. It’s subtle and understated when it needs to be, which juxtaposed with the vibrancy and majesty of the performances creates a stunning and emotional depiction of Liam’s journey.”

Dubbing Mixer: John Rogerson says…

“This film was lots of fun to mix – but also quite challenging on account of the pretty awful archive interviews and the fly on the wall stuff as we’re following Liam around the world – but we worked hard to blend it all into a cohesive sonic story. Although there’s lots of fabulous talking heads offering insights into the Oasis/Liam story it’s the music tells the story in this film. We worked hard to keep the sonic mood shifting and underpinning the constant highs and lows of Liam’s musical and personal comeback…”

Production Company: Warner Music 

Executive Producer: James Roberts

Director: Gav Fitzgerald

Editor: Nick Webb

Dubbing Mixer: John Rogerson

Colourist: Katherine Jamieson

Online Editor: Andy Penfold

Post Producer: Marie Valentino

Coming to a cinema near you on 7th June 


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