Kate & Koji


Kate & Koji

Brand new 6 part series from Hat Trick Productions. Kate (played by Brenda Blethyn), runs an old-fashioned café in Seagate, a neglected seaside town who develops a strong, if sometimes volatile friendship with an asylum-seeking African doctor (Jimmy Akingbola). Although from very different worlds, they find common ground amongst the backdrop of England’s Brexit turmoil.

Halo provided full Picture Post Production.

Director: Martin Hawkins says…
Grading with Ross at Halo is always a pleasure, and I always look forward to spending the day with him in a dark room! Whether we are grading a location single camera shoot such as Outnumbered or a multi camera studio production such as Mrs Browns Boys or Kate & Koji, Ross has got the eye to make the pictures great, and he’s quick too, but still able to pay attention to the detail!

Colourist: Ross Baker says…
Creating an atmosphere for a predominantly single-room show is always something that needs to be considered carefully. The challenge was to balance the light coming through the windows where Koji usually sits in contrast to the counter in the cafe which needed to have the right falloff. As this is studio-based, shaping is key to add the depth needed. We also played a soft focus vignette to add a prime lens feel rolling of the studio camera look.

Director: Martin Hawkins

Producer: Debbie Pisani

Production Manager: Chris Jones

Halo Post Exec: Will Garbutt

Colourist: Ross Baker

Online Editor: Scott Hinchcliffe

Post Producer: Emily Nye

Kate & Koji will be on ITV at 8pm on Wednesday the 18th March.

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