Dead Pixels 2

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Dead Pixels 2

Following on from the huge popularity of Series 1, Dead Pixels is to return for a second series. The sitcom, about a friendship group who play an online-based computer game together, was E4’s best performing UK scripted comedy since “The Inbetweeners”.
There are some new kids on the Kingdom of Scrolls block, and they seem set on giving Meg (Alexa Davies), Usman (Sargon Yelda) and Nicky (Will Merrick) a hard time – even if it’s just by making them examine their questionable life choices. Some big changes are in store for the gang, with Charlotte Ritchie’s Alison encouraging Meg to look after herself the way she looks after her character, easier said than done, and Nicky meeting the girl he’s fallen for online.

Halo Provided Full Picture and Sound Post Production

Producer, Tanya Qureshi said… “Halo went above and beyond throughout the entire process. We were in the middle of our edit when the first lockdown hit in 2020, but we didn’t lose one single day due to their meticulous planning and facilities. The team were a genuine pleasure to work with from start to finish

Dubbing Mixer: Sam Castleton
Online Editor: Scott Hinchcliffe
Colourist: Ross Baker
Post Producer: Rachael Yates
Post Executive: Matt Locke

Dubber Mixer, Sam Castleton said… “Dead Pixels was a sonic playground for the sound team at halo. You can only imagine our glee creating sounds for the mystical worlds, monster hybrids and wacky avatars. But it’s the comedy where the sound really shines, using repetition, slapstick sounds, and well-timed silences and reactions. Exaggeration was the most heavily used technique, making the action sound more squirmish, violent, euphoric, or just ridiculous. Contrasting the exciting in-game soundscape with the characters more mundane city flat, helped sell the underlining allure to the game that the characters feel.

Dead Pixels Series 2 starts on Tue 26th Jan on E4 – Watch the trailer here

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