Bulletproof South Africa

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Bulletproof South Africa

Sky Original, Bulletproof, Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters are reprising their roles as cop buddies, Pike and Bishop, for a special event, Bulletproof: South Africa. The three-part special sees the boys take a much-needed vacation from their London day-job and head to Cape Town, South Africa.

Mixed at Halo by Simon Hill

Simon said… “Bulletproof goes on holiday to South Africa for a special 3-episode series, edited and mixed during the coronavirus pandemic. Having done the first two seasons of ‘Bulletproof’ and read the scripts for the specials, I knew this would comprise some of the most sonically packed material I’ve had the pleasure of mixing. Along with all the trials and tribulations of filming on location and dealing with ADR across a multitude of continents during a coronavirus pandemic, the South Africa setting created new challenges for both me in the mix and for Sound Disposition in sound editorial. With more practical effects and weaponry to bolster, new unique landscapes to audibly represent and a multitude of new characters and themes to play around, the brains behind ‘Bulletproof’ really took it up a level with this one. Returning executive producer Allan Niblo and director Sarmad Masud team up with producer Sue De Beauvoir“.

Producer: Sue De Beauvoir
Director: Sarmad Masud
Execs: Allan Niblo and Nick Love
Re-recording Mixer: Simon Hill
Post Producer: Rachael Yates
Post Executive: David Turner

Bulletproof South Africa airs on Wednesday 20th January 2021 on Sky One and NOW TV.

Watch the trailer here – Bulletproof South Africa | Official Trailer – YouTube

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