We Are Lady Parts 2

Working Title Television / Channel 4 / Peacock

We Are Lady Parts 2

Nida Manzoor’s anarchic and irreverent music comedy about Muslim female punk band ‘We Are Lady Parts’ is back for a second series!
Fresh from a summer of gigs, Lady Parts are ready to level up and lay down their legacy by recording their debut album. Will they finally hit the big time?

Halo provided full Post Production.

Series Director: Nida Manzoor
Producer: John Pocock
Post Production Supervisor: Hannah Dunnell
Online Editor: Ben McIIveen
Sound Team: Jay Price, Maggy Apodaca, Sam Castleton

Sam Said… “It was a privilege to work with Nida, John and Hannah again for the second series of We Are Lady Parts. This series is bigger, badder, funnier and more cinematic. This is especially true with the sound. The heavily stylised signature sound that we established in the first series gave us a platform to push things further and be more confident in doing so (much like the band themselves in the series). As always, Nida nurtured a creative environment, encouraging us to come up with leftfield ideas and kooky sounds, anything to push the boundaries and elevate the films. In the final scene of Ep5 Sound Supervisor Jay Price produced some of the best sound design I’ve ever heard. The dynamics of this were pushed in the mix and it serves as a good example for the sound and our workflow across the whole series.

Post Producer: Karen Kavanagh

We Are Lady Parts 2 is Streaming on Channel 4.

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