Ukraine’s Stolen Children


Ukraine’s Stolen Children

Thousands of Ukrainian children, some of them orphans, were taken to Russia after the invasion started. Many were sent to recreational camps in Russia by their parents to escape the shelling; they were then stuck there, sometimes for months, waiting for their mothers to bring them back. Others were fostered into Russian families, led to believe that Russia had saved them after their parents had abandoned them. This remarkable doc explores the journey of these children, and the parents trying to bring them home.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Exec Producer, Alex Cooke says, “The team were amazing and unbelievably supportive and accommodating. Those were not easy circumstances and we felt very cared for and looked after. The sudden fast turnaround put a huge pressure on everyone, so we’re very grateful.

Exec Producer: Alex Cooke / Alan Hayling
Director: Shahida Tulaganova
Colourist: Katherine Jamieson
Online Editor: Ronnie Newman
Halo Sound Team: Graham Kirkman & Sam Castleton
Post Producer: Robbie Patterson
Sales Exec: Will Garbutt

‘Ukraine’s Stolen children’ is available on ITVX

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