The Phantom

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The Phantom

Corpus Christi TX, one cold November night in 1983, a young store clerk was brutally hacked to death as she worked at a gas station.

Six years later, 27 year old Carlos DeLuna was executed for her murder. All along he protested his innocence, refusing to plead guilty. DeLuna said another ‘Carlos’ did it. At trial the prosecution derided his claim, saying the other Carlos was “A Phantom”.

DeLuna was right. The real killer was Carlos Hernandez, a psychopathic drifter with a string of violent assaults on women to his name – a man all too well known to the police and the D.A.

This film conclusively proves that the US judicial system killed an innocent man, uncovering crucial evidence that demonstrates Carlos DeLuna’s innocence, beyond any reasonable doubt.

THE PHANTOM is a searching, enraging examination of one of the darkest episodes in the history of American justice. It shows how a young man from a poor Hispanic background had no chance, faced with a judicial system bent on vengeance. Supreme Court Justices have already said this case calls the death penalty into question. THE PHANTOM proves them right.

Halo provided Picture and Sound Post Production.

Dubbing Mixer John Rogerson says…

“The keywords for this soundtrack were ‘detail’ and ‘atmosphere’ – being largely dialogue-led there are very few moments when sound is asked to take centre stage or play the leading role…

Patrick Forbes (director) wanted the soundtrack to have deep detail, lots of subtleties, precision and suggestion, but the main thrust was creating the atmospherics that, along with the score, underpins the drama as it twists and turns.”

Director, Patrick Forbes says…

“One of the many reasons I love working with Halo is their attention to detail. Before we set foot in the dub, grade and online we spent a long time refining how ‘The Phantom’ would look and sound so that its climax would be as shocking and unexpected as I hope it is.

This is a film built on the idea that what seems to be the truth is very often the exact opposite. To get that message over, you need really subtle changes of mood and feel. They succeeded brilliantly in doing just that – with a fantastic, intelligent soundtrack, and a really elegant grade and online.”

Producer: Mark Bentley

Director: Patrick Forbes

Colourist: Ross Baker

Online Editor: Scott Hinchcliffe

Sound Editor: Tom Foster

Dubbing Mixer:  John Rogerson

Sales Exec: Will Garbutt


The Phantom premieres at the Tribeca Festival on 14th June and will be released through Greenwich Entertainment in North America on July 2nd


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