The Kemps: All True

BBC TWO by Rhys Thomas OBE & BBC Studios

The Kemps: All True

The Kemps: All True is a must-see spoof documentary with Spandau Ballet brothers Gary and Martin Kemp, with a star-studded line up including, Christopher Eccleston, Simon Day, Perry Benson, Lucy Montgomery, Daniel Mays and Anna Maxwell Martin.

Made by BBC Studios, The Kemps: All True see Rhys Thomas OBE interview the pair about their lives and careers following Spandau Ballet’s 40th anniversary celebrations in December. As part of Spandau Ballet, the pair have sold more than 25 million albums with 23 hit singles worldwide, and in 2011 they received a BMI award after hit single True became one of the most played songs in US history.

As well as looking back at their musical history, The Kemps: All True sees the Kemps other passions: Martin attempts to launch a new film franchise and Gary plans a new Vegan meat-substitute, Wonge!

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Director, Rhys Thomas OBE Said:
Editing and post production has always been my favourite part of production and that’s mainly because I always do it at HALO. There simply isn’t a better team of talented and friendly people anywhere else in London – perhaps even the world than Halo. Whether you’re a blockbuster movie or a cult TV show on the BBC you get the same amazing attention and care. I will never go anywhere else…

Dubbing Mixer, Gerrit Swanepoel said:
As with every job Rhys brings to us, you start smiling the moment you learn you’re working on it. The humour tends to be in the writing and acting, therefore from an audio point of view we try to make these elements sit on as seamless a bed as possible in order not to distract.

Although this is a spoof documentary we still tried to retain a documentary feel with microphone choices, for example at times opting for the boom microphone in scenarios where this would have been the only option available during real filming conditions rather than the radio mic options we had. It’s a very funny show, as many of my colleagues can attest to by the amount of times I called them into the suite to have a look at yet another scene that made me laugh.”

Editor: Chris Bird

Colourist: Katherine Jamieson

Online Editor: Adam Hall

Dubbing Mixer: Gerrit Swanepoel

Halo Exec: Karen Kavanagh

Sales Exec: Matt Locke

TX date, July 5th 22:00 on BBC Two

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