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The Horne Section TV Show

Creator of the BAFTA and National Comedy Award Winning Taskmaster, Alex Horne is ready to be the leading man in his brand-new TV talk show, coming soon to Channel 4.
Alex Horne has the chance to be the star of his very own late night music chat show, which he insists on filming live from his family home. With the help of his loyal, and much more talented band, The Horne Section Alex is ready to pull out all the stops to impress the big bosses at Channel 4.

Created, written by, and starring Alex Horne and The Horne Section, the six-part scripted series also stars critically acclaimed comics Greg Davies, Tim Key, and John Oliver as regular special guests.

A riotous splicing of live music and comedy” – The Observer

It’s a band of professional musicians fronted by Taskmaster’s Alex Horne, who turns their abilities to pluck a tune into brilliant comedy magic” – Radio Times

A beguiling blend of the smart and stupid….a real delight” – The Sunday Times

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Halo Colourist Katherine Jamieson Said… “I loved working on this series, the team were fantastic and I’m so proud with how the series looks.
We had three very distinct styles in the grade. There was the ‘normal’ behind the scenes narrative of the band, the ‘show’ style which had to feel very different despite being in the same location and the band ‘interludes’ that are sprinkled through every episode like little nuggets of joy. Crafting each style was important to the fabric of the series and I’m so happy with the end result. In addition to the above we had some music videos which allowed even more creative freedom. One of my favourites is the re-creation of Coldplay’s famous one take ’Yellow’ music video. This is basically one long take that starts at dawn and progresses to warm sunlight by the end of the shot. There were a lot of keyframes and shape tracks to pull it off and I’m proud with how it turned out. The grade helped sell the joke and enhance the production value.

I’m excited for everyone to see the series, it’s silly, light hearted, clever and heartwarming, just the tonic in these often bleak times.

Online Editor: Adam Hall
Sound Team: Adam Johnson / Simon Hill
Post Producer: Karen Kavanagh
Sales Exec: Matt Locke

The Horne Section TV Show will be on All 4 from 3rd November and will air on Channel 4

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