The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker


The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker

This shocking documentary chronicles a happy-go-lucky nomad’s ascent to viral stardom and the steep downward spiral that resulted in his imprisonment.

Halo provided full Post Production.

Senior Colourist, Duncan Russell says, “The brief on ‘Hitchhiker’ was to make the film feel premium, sombre and rich. We talked about films like David Finchers ‘Zodiac’ and ‘Gone Girl’ and did our best to create a high end cinematic feel, with a golden, gloomy, glowing quality to it all. In addition, there is a good deal of archive material, and we decided we wanted to have a very light touch here. 2003 was not a long time ago but TV footage from then looks about a million years old and we wanted to keep hold of that vibe, adding to pallete of textures at our disposal.

Exec Producer Alex Marengo says, “The film looks and sounds just amazing and we are all enormously grateful for all the incredibly hard work everyone put in and for the technical skills and creative talents we benefited from. Please do pass this on to all of those who helped along the way – everyone’s contribution is sincerely appreciated.

Exec Producer: Alex Marengo
Director: Colette Camden
Colourist: Duncan Russell
Online Editor: Lem Lawrence
Sound Team: Tom Foster / Sam Castleton
Post Producer: Louisa Sutherland-Smith / Jon Osborne
Sales Exec: Will Garbutt

The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker is available on NETFLIX now.

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