The Chameleon Killer

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The Chameleon Killer

Decades after first uncovering the bodies of a woman and young girl discarded in a barrel in 1985, detectives take viewers through a convoluted case that led to the capture of an evasive serial killer who crisscrossed the country and used multiple fake identities to evade justice. With intersecting investigations across state lines, this intense special reveals how ancestral DNA exposes the Chameleon Killer’s true identity, and features never-before-seen interviews with his children and ex-wife who are forced to face the grim reality of who Terry Rasmussen really was.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Dubbing Mixer, Sam Castleton explains, “To make the series sound unique, Ben (Steele) wanted to focus on the atmospheres and make them sound ‘designed’. We opted for eerie and ominous moods when selecting our ambiences and FX, mixing them in smoothly to achieve a sense of foreboding. We also created a monster growl for the forest aerials; the idea from Ben was to make something over the top but mixed low to make the forests unrecognisably uncomfortable. To afford the sonic space for these additions to shine, halo’s Adam Johnson and Gerrit Swanepoel meticulously cleaned the locations and dialogues to crystal clear clarity.

Show Runner: Ben Steele

Colourist: Ross Baker

Online Editor: Scott Hinchcliffe

Dubbing Mixer:  Sam Castleton

Post Producer: Jon Osbourne

Sales Exec: Will Garbutt

The Chameleon Killer is available now on Discovery +

Watch the trailer here

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