Sunderland 'Til I Die


Sunderland ‘Til I Die

As Sunderland’s main industries of shipbuilding and mining have fallen by the wayside, Sunderland Football Club has become ever more important as its lifeblood of this unique city in the North East of England. The club has some of the most passionate and loyal fans. But what happens when they start to lose their club too?

This brand new Netflix original series focuses on the unfailing passion of this UK Northern town for its beloved football club.

The series will take its audience through the highs and lows of SAFC’s first season in the Championship following its painful relegation the previous year.

Halo Provided Full Picture and Sound Post Production

Grade, Online, Sound Design and Mix.

Dubbing Mixer: Sam Castleton:

‘Being a football fanatic I was excited to mix Sunderland Till I Die. I understand how a football club can become an identity for local people and that is what Sunderland Till I Die is really about. In an economically deprived city, the club acts as beacon of hope, something to be proud of. But things change as the clubs fortunes dramatically decline on and off the pitch, exposing the desperation, resilience and humility of Sunderland’s citizens.

In this series we had five goals.

We wanted the city atmospheres to be bleak, reflecting the general mood of the people at the time. We wanted to capture the pre game excitement, that feeling when walking up to a stadium or inside the stadium. We wanted to push the unique sounds of the Stadium Of Light (Sunderland’s home ground). We wanted the feel closer to the action on the pitch. Lastly, we needed to use sound design to emphasis the narrative unfolding during specific games.’

Colourists: Katherine Jamieson & Ross Baker

Halo Post Producer: Charlotte Hawkins

Halo Post Exec: Louisa Sutherland-Smith

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