Secrets Of The Elephants

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Secrets Of The Elephants

Secrets of the Elephants is a four-part series which travels the world, from the savannas of Africa, to the deserts of Namibia, the forests of central Africa and the urban landscapes of Asia, to discover the strategic thinking, complex emotions and sophisticated language of elephants.

Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman and featuring renowned National Geographic Explorer and elephant expert Dr. Paula Kahumbu, this blue chip series not only reveals the extraordinary lives of different families of elephants across 4 key eco-systems but also highlights how similar they are to us.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Head of Production, Anna Brett says, “This series is one that we are immensely proud of here at OSF, and it’s no exaggeration to say that we could not have done it without Halo! Tom, Paul and the picture post team worked tirelessly to ensure that every frame looked the best it possibly could while Sam, Jay and the audio team further enhanced each film with their incredible natural history sound design skill and experience. This was all steered expertly by the completely unflappable Stephen as our superb post producer who kept everything running beautifully from start to finish, liaised directly with everyone at the channel and almost never said ‘no’ to any of our crazy requests! Thank you, we are very grateful for all the hard work you all put in as part of Team Elephant!

Exec Producers: Lucinda Axelsson & Caroline Hawkins
Line Producer: Sarah Winter
Colourist: Paul Koren
Online Editor: Tom Young
Sound Team: Jay Price, Tom Foster, Adam Johnson, Maggie Apodaca
Dubbing Mixer: Sam Castleton, Gerrit Swanepoel
Post Producer: Stephen Morrison
Sales Exec: Will Garbutt

Secrets Of the Elephants is now available on Disney +

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