Race For The White House Series 2


Race For The White House Series 2

How far would you go to become leader of the free world? Step inside history’s high-stakes elections with CNN Original Series, ‘Race for the White House’.

Halo completed full post production on season 2 of this six-part CNN Original Series for Raw TV, narrated by Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali. Using rare archival footage, interviews, and stylized dramatizations, each episode recounts one iconic campaign for the Presidency of the United States. From powerful speeches to dirty tricks and Machiavellian schemes, Race for the White House captures the tension and drama of high-stakes presidential elections and reflects on their impact.

Dubbing Mixer: John Rogerson says…
RFTWH was a strangely complex show for the sound team…These stories are so compelling; told by historians, participants and on-lookers using a combination of archive, drama and talking-heads that need to flow seamlessly. These are glossy and beautifully produced shows so they needed a level of richness and sonic detail – but nothing could be allowed to draw attention away from the story – every sound needed to be a ‘supporting actor’ to the narrative. The soundtracks for the archive footage were recreated by Tom Foster, it was totally credible – but we’d often mute the if they drew to much attention (sorry Tom). The decent sound budget for these films really shows, they’re crafted, polished and detailed – and having Mahershala Ali narrating was the cherry on the proverbial cake.

Exec Producer: Louise Norman & Melanie Archer

Series producer: Emma Whitlock

Colourist: Ross Baker

Online Editors: Andy Penfold, Alan Jones & John Bentley

Dubbing Mixer: John Rogerson

Post Producer: Lydia Thatcher

Halo Executive Producer: Will Garbutt

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