The Planets with Professor Brian Cox


The Planets with Professor Brian Cox

This stunningly ambitious series brings to life the most memorable events in the history of the solar system, transporting us to the surface of these dynamic worlds to witness the explosive and often violent geological events that shaped each one.
‘The Planets with Professor Brian Cox’, reveals how modern science and technology has allowed us to unlock their past lives. It pieces together evidence of magnificent lost waterfalls on Mars, the mass planetary migrations as they jostled for position early in their history, and even the distant fate of Saturn as one of its moons awakens to form a beautiful water world. The series explores the dramatic history and spectacular landscapes of our neighbouring planets such as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Eight planetary siblings, unfolding over 4.5 billion years.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Grade, Online, Sound Design and Mix.

Dubbing Mixer: Rich Addis says…

”It was clear from the very start that soundtrack was going to be huge for this series, and Jay and I spent time with each director early on in the Offline edit to start to map out their sonic vision for each episode. The stunning visuals depicting the planets’ awe-inspiring stories show an unprecedented level of detail, and we wanted to craft a soundtrack to match, as well as help to convey some of the frankly mind-boggling science (what does diamond rain on Saturn sound like…?!). Weaving Jay’s incredibly detailed sound design with the epic score from Bleeding Fingers could have been a huge challenge, however, having the full kit of parts for both Music and FX meant that we could really dig into each sequence and make some pretty bold decision during the mix, which I think results in something of a unique viewing experience, especially for a science documentary. It’s an easy trap to fall into, to overload and overwhelm your audience with sound and visuals, just as a story climaxes and the final puzzle pieces are falling into place. These films make full use of both ends of the dynamic range, and it’s a testament to the strength of the visuals and the stories that we can, at some of the most epic moments, cut to near silence and let the mind-blowing stories tell themselves.”

Exec Producer: Andrew Cohen

Series Director: Gideon Bradshaw

Colourist: Ross Baker

Online Editor: Scott Hinchcliffe

Dubbing Mixer: Rich Addis

Sound Designer: Jay Price

Post Producer: Karen Kavangh

VFX Supervisor: Rob Harvey

TX Date: 28th May 9pm BBC2


“Brian Cox breathes life into science again… breath-taking”
The Guardian 

“Brian Cox’s excellent series on the planets of our solar system continues to be a blend of enjoyable, accessible science and dreamlike wonder”
The Times 

“His ability to convey maximum information in a clear and minimalist style is so softly winning and persuasive”
Sunday Times 

“One thing that makes Brian Cox a great presenter is that he’s a natural storyteller… for a science programme there’s still an almost emotional dimension to it”
Radio Times 

“Fascinating… Good science. Good television.”

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