Make Me Famous

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Make Me Famous

This moving drama, written by Reggie Yates explores the impact and consequences of fast fame and reality TV, and exposes the cost of ‘Celebrity’ to close friends and family.

When Billy succeeds in impressing the producers of the constructed reality show, it appears his life is set to change forever. However a year on, while some of his co-star’ careers are thriving Billy is struggling to balance the afterglow of fame with social media and tabloid kiss-and-tells. Assumptions the public and press have made about Billy’s character forces deep vulnerabilities to surface within him.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production for this BBC Drama, made by Expectation.

Colourist Ross Baker said – “Make me famous has such a dramatic and relevant story in today’s world, director Peter King wanted to bring this world to the screen in a stylish way without being cliche like an instagram filter. Throughout the film you are with Billy who in reality is in a fragile state whilst putting on a brave face for the media and his followers. The style we crafted was a cool soft contrast for the majority of the story. In some scenes when Billy was being himself we made the levels have a richer tone to add a safer feel, this was in contrast to Billy’s media life. Places like the night clubs and bars where great to add a stark contrast by keeping the colour palette narrow but pushing the contrast and chroma up to be more vibrant, these scenes stood apart to represent the face Billy showed the world.

Director: Peter King

Colourist: Ross Baker

Online Editor: Scott Hinchcliffe

Sound Design: Tom Foster

Dubbing Mixer: Sam Castleton

Halo Post Producer: Rachael Yates

Halo Sales Exec: Matt Locke

Available to watch on BBCiplayer

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