Made Of Stone

Shane Meadows

Made Of Stone

Sound Mix
Work by: John Rogerson

This feature documentary tells the story of the Stone Roses reunion from the viewpoint of Director and avid Stone Roses fan Shane Meadows. Shane had unprecedented access to the band as they prepared for the ‘comeback’. Using a combination of archive footage, rehearsals, interviews and a 30 minute section of the re-union concert Shane created a spellbinding and intriguing look into the workings of this legendary band.

Shane’s brief for sound was to bring the rehearsal and live concert sequences to life, making them both exciting and vivid. These musical sequences had been recorded straight to multitrack, so the idea was to mix the music live on our large Dolby Premier dubbing stage and make it an intrinsic pat of the mix as opposed to the conventional route of mixing the music in a studio first then bringing it to the film mix stage. As the film weaves from archive to interviews, these live music moments link the stories seamlessly and immerse the viewer in the story. The Warrington Hall gig becomes a truly rousing experience whilst the rehearsal sessions are enthralling by virtue of their sheer voyeuristic intimacy. The film culminates with the triumphant homecoming gig at Manchester’s Heaton Park.

John Rogerson, the mixer on the film, recalls “This was a film with huge challenges as it covered so many bases, the energy and detail required was incredible. I worked closely with Matt Howe who mixed the multitrack concert recordings live on the film stage whilst I concentrated on the rest. Shane was very clear about his vision and ultimately this led to us creating a film that will leave the viewer in no doubt about what a great band the Stone Roses are”

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