Freedom Uncut

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Freedom Uncut


Freedom is George Michael’s last and final work. George reflects on a life-changing period of his life when he allows us access to his memories, thoughts, unseen footage and photographs never before seen.

Simon Hill, dubbing mixer, explains that “Freedom Uncut brings George to the big screen – expanding on the original broadcast cut in 2018 with new faces, new content and a massive theatrical sound. We dove deep into making sure George’s original stereo mastered tracks show their finest in the theatrical 5.1 space; making the most of multiple upmixing methods and some original multi-tracks coupled with an A-list of talented interviewees and the guidance of George’s long-standing friends and collaborators Lisa Johnson and David Austin – it makes for a really entertaining theatrical experience!

Directors: David Austin (co-director) | George Michael (co-director)
Executive Producer: David Austin
Producer: Lisa Johnson
Editor: Jerry Chater

Dubbing Mixers: Simon Hill and John Rogerson
Flame VFX/Online: Scott Hinchliffe
DI Producer: Marie Valentino
Post Production Executive: David Turner


in cinemas from 22nd June

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