Earth’s Natural Wonders


Earth’s Natural Wonders

Work by: Katherine Jamieson

This is a programme combining photography and human drama as it reveals remarkable places around the world, uncovering the stories of people fighting to survive in Earth’s natural wonders. Grading with that photography was a joy as well as an exciting challenge for me as a colourist and it was important to give each story/location its own colour palette that complimented the human story whist enhancing the beautiful photography.

I worked closely with the series producer Arif Nurmohamed to create a specific yet natural colour palette for each of the stories. I am extremely proud of the grade I produced for this show and feel it propelled the documentary to another level. I approached the grade more like I would a drama, giving each scene and character its own signature colour theme to suit the narrative whilst maintaining the integrity of the natural reality that befits a natural history documentary.

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