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Drag SOS

Shove over Ru Paul, the Family Gorgeous bus just pulled into town. A new 6-part series narrated by Hugh Bonneville, follows inspirational drag queens Cheddar Gorgeous and Anna Phylactic along with their authentic drag family as they embark on their first ever glamorous national road trip. Their aim? To unleash Britains inner drag, and help ordinary Brits embark on a voyage of self-discovery to transform into a bigger, better, drag-enhanced version of themselves.

From bereavement to low self esteem, the students are taken under the wing of The Family Gorgeous who aim to uncover their drag alter ego & nurture them with tips and guidance on how to dress up, make up, walk in enormous heels and generally unleash their inner diva, a journey the Family Gorgeous have all made themselves.

Each show follows the girls as they work within the community, understanding the realities of life’s pressures and prejudices. Using the power of drag, can their students rebuild the passion lost in the drudgery of modern life, find the strength to burst out of their cocoons and perform in a huge lip sync performance in front of family, friends and the locals from the town?

Be prepared to laugh, cry, vogue and ultimately witness a transformation no one could ever have imagined.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Grade, Online, Sound Design and Mix.

Executive Producer: Lucy Hillman says…

We’ve loved working with Halo. Everybody looked after us so well with a special shout out for the reception staff and the post production team who laughed and cried at Drag SOS at all the right times!

 Colourist: Paul Koren says…

Drag SOS was an amazing project to be apart of. The programme is loaded with vibrant characters so it was fun to see how far we could push the colours. We decided to enhance the fantastic end of each programme by adding a little extra sparkle to really celebrate the  performance.”

Executive Producers: Lucy Hillman & Sam Whittaker

Director:Paul Shenkin
Editors: Olivia Baldwin & Felix Buckley
Halo Executive Producer: Will Garbutt
Colourist: Paul Koren
Online Editor: Andy Penfold
Dubbing Mixer: Simon Hill
Post Producer: Emily Nye

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