Charles III: The Coronation Year


Charles III: The Coronation Year

Charles III: The Coronation Year is a new 90-minute documentary film offering a unique insight into the life of King Charles III and Queen Camilla that takes you behind the scenes of the first year of the reign of King Charles.

With exclusive access, the cameras follow King Charles III and Queen Camilla through landmark moments of the first year of their reign, as they embrace their new roles and carry out their work and duties. Filmed as Buckingham Palace prepares for, delivers, and celebrates the first Coronation in 70 years, and in the months that followed, this historic documentary features contributions from members of the Royal Family and key players in The King and Queen’s Household.

Narrated by Helena Bonham-Carter, and with unrivalled insights from many of those involved, as well as moments of great poignancy and humour, this film gives a unique perspective on the inner workings behind a defining moment which marks a new era in the history of the monarchy.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Director Ashley Gething says, ‘Quick shout out for Sam (Castleton), and his team. We just completed the mix on the Royal Film. I’m pretty sure this will be a historic film which people will be watching in decades to come because of the unique access, so it’s been essential to capture all the Royal chit chat and present it in the cleanest possible way – which is very hard to do. We had tons of mics and booms and people talking over each other etc. All in all a tough job but Sam and his team did an amazing job and deserve rich praise. If I worked at Halo I’d be coming round with a Friday treat for him tomorrow, but in my absence will you please pass on our thanks – and to Duncan and Adam in grade and online‘.

Exec Producer: Nicolas Kent
Director: Ashley Gething
Colourist: Duncan Russell
Online Editor: Adam Hall
Sound Team: Ross Millership, Nathan Kendall and Sam Castleton
Post Producer: Abby Carter
Sales Exec: Will Garbutt

‘Charles III: The Coronation Year’ is available on iPlayer

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