Celebrity Coach Trip


Celebrity Coach Trip

Celebrity Coach Trip is back for a third series and has former boy band members, Gogglebox favourites, and TOWIE stars all ready to take on this year’s challenges. The best tour guide in town, Brendan Sheerin, will once again be guiding the group of celebrities as they take on a three-week European road trip.

Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Grade, Online, Sound Design and Mix.

Dubbing Mixer: Gerrit Swanepoel says…
“We’ve been doing the post-production on Coach Trip for over a decade now and it’s been great fun watching the evolution of the show. The channel has also recognised its enduring appeal by doubling the running time with the two most recent Celebrity Coach Trip series and credit must go to the production team that they’ve managed to maintain the breakneck pace, keeping it constantly fresh and entertaining. I know when working on Coach Trip that I can always expect lots of laughs from the content and good humour from Ben and the 12 Yard team, but despite having mixed hundreds of episodes this last series still managed to surprise me with some very unexpected content, you really need to be watching it!”

Executive Producer: Ben Stevens says…
“Having worked with Halo for a number of years there are many things I like, enjoy and value. But top of the pile is the overwhelming feeling that they’re just part of our production team. In the very best way possible I never feel like a ‘client’, I just feel like we’re all making the shows together. The dedication, commitment and good grace in which they approach their work makes our life both easy and a pleasure, not to mention their frequent good ideas. I can be picky, I can fiddle, even change my mind (again) and know I’ll be humoured and supported as I do it- well, within reason anyway! I always arrive at an online or dub safe in the knowledge that the pride I take in my work is completely shared by Halo’s team. It’s not ‘that’ll do’ or ‘he’s happy, so that’s fine.’ Extra time is so often taken to stay on once I’m gone to make their own tweaks to improve the finished product. And you really can’t ask for more than your edit facility caring as much as you do about those tiny little things that just might make your show a tiny bit better…”

Exec Producer: Ben Stevens

Colourist: Paul Koren

Online Editor: John Bentley

Dubbing Mixer: Gerrit Swanepoel

Halo Sales Contact: Matt Locke

Post Producer: Emily Nye

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