Buffering 2


Buffering 2

Six-part sitcom Buffering, created, written by and starring BAFTA-winning comedian Iain Stirling, with co-creator and writer Steve Bugeja, returns to ITV2 for a second series, with a simultaneous full series dropping on ITVX.

Buffering follows the lives of kids’ TV presenter Iain and his housemates as they attempt to navigate the choppy waters of their late twenties, with every wrong decision, failed relationship and wasted hungover days intensifying the feeling that time is running out for them to get their ‘adult’ lives in order.

Over the course of this new series, Iain and his housemates try to figure out how to be better at life. Whether it’s throwing house parties, job hunting, dating, visiting the countryside, putting on pub quizzes or just figuring out their true feelings for each other, the gang will always have each other when, inevitably, things don’t go as planned.

a level of expertise that clearly shows… tear-jerking and heart-warming.” – The Times

pacey feel of an American sitcom…the plot is more ambitious than you might expect for ITV2… Bugeja was big on structure, Stirling wanted to get as many jokes in as possible. Judging by the first episode they have reached a successful compromise” – The Evening Standard

zippy, gag-dense” – The Guardian


Halo provided full Picture and Sound Post Production.

Director: Sophie King said… “It’s always a pleasure working with Halo – their team are a lovely family and it feels like they’ll do whatever they can to get you what you need. Duncan is an incredibly talented colourist who I requested as he’s done terrific work on my projects previously. It was great to collaborate with our sound mixer Sam and online editor Adam for the first time too, who both brought a great deal of professionalism and skill to Buffering 2.

Colourist: Duncan Russell said… “Buffering was my first sitcom and I wasn’t expecting it to look like a high end drama in the way it was shot and directed. It is just so glamorous and rich. My brief was to give an extra polish, imparting a cinematic feel to the contrast and massaging the already sumptuous colours. It wasn’t about turning everything up to eleventystupid, but to push it to a visual place you might not expect for a gag heavy half hour about some twenty somethings hanging out. Sophie and Ronnie were excellent collaborators so it was a thrill and a privilege to work with them.

Online Editor: Adam Hall
Dubbing Mixer: Sam Castleton
Post Producers: Jess Netley-Verrinder & Monica Lupeika-Blades
Halo Sales Exec: Matt Locke

Buffering 2 full series is available on ITVX.

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