Brian Pern

BBC Four

Brian Pern

Online Edit
Work by: Rob Grainger

Work by: Katherine Jamieson

A mock rockumentary Comedy about the life of the fictional rock star Brian Pern. Although mainly shot on HD, to watch the show you wouldn’t know, as each promo and interview that make up the show was re-recorded back onto old formats to get an authentic look for the era, from VHS and Beta SP to high-end comps, this was all done within the Grade and Online environment surpassing the client’s expectations.

Colourist Katherine Jamieson said ‘Brian Pern: 40 Years of Rock was an absolute creative joy to grade. The biggest challenge with this programme is combining genuine archive with newly shot footage seamlessly. We used various techniques to age the footage exploiting the huge range of Nucoda tools to digitally create genuine looking textures. Creating this authentic patchwork of archive over the ages really helps to perpetuate the gags and enhance an already very funny show. Brilliant fun for the colourist..!’

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