Bear Gryll’s Wild Adventures


Bear Gryll’s Wild Adventures

Bear Grylls is back, this time teaming up with Rugby sensation, Jonny Wilkinson and Boxing Olympian, Nicola Adams for a wild adventure on the challenging terrain of Dartmoor. Bear will be serving up some gruelling survival training that will include cave climbing and an icy bath! During their time together, Bear will get to know his guests and try to discover what drives them to be champions. They may be sporting legends but do they have what it takes to keep up with Bear?

Colourist Paul Koren: “Bear Grylls was a fun and challenging series to work on. Though the show was well filmed, with some stunning drone footage, special attention had to be paid to ensuring that both Bear and the celebrity did not get lost in the woodland wilderness of Dartmoor – literally!
A lot of time was spent on isolating the greenery and skin tones to help create a greater colour separation between the two which would help to pick Bear and Johnny Wilkinson out of the surrounding nature.

Exec Producer: Tom Currie

Colourist: Paul Koren

Online Editor: Adam Hall

Dubbing Mixer: Gerrit Swanepoel

Post Producer: Rachael Yates

Sales Exec: Will Garbutt

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