Upstart Crow


Upstart Crow

Work by: Ross Baker

Upstart Crow is a great new comedy that brings you into the world of a young and struggling William Shakespeare (David Mitchell). The brief for the grade was to try to reflect his feelings.

Although this was a studio shot comedy each location needed its own specific look; for example, Shakespeare’s home in Stratford-upon-Avon had dark shadows and warmer tones whereas his home in London had a lighter, open feeling. Another key location was the crypt that needs to be dark and moody whilst retaining enough light and colour to see the reactions of the cast. There were a number of evening exterior sets that needed a little extra atmosphere that couldn’t be produced with on-set lighting.

For the Macbeth ‘witches’ scene I used a combination of tools to add cool tones thereby giving the scene for an eerie moonlight feel. In this sketch the witches are standing over a cauldron. Unfortunately the lights used to create the flickering fire effect didn’t show through but using Sapphire plugins I was able to add light and give the scene a more realistic look.

Software/kit used: Nucoda

Work by: Rob Grainger

Post Producer
Work by: Karen Kavanagh

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